Manufacturing steps

 The Launch

  • By number of order ( CUSTOMER)
  • With article references (NUMBERS OF INDICATED PLANS)
  • According to the definition of the treatment (STANDARDS)
  • With the definition of the controls (CONTRACTUAL)
  • Of the method of dispatch (CONTRACTUAL)
  • Of desired deadline ( NEGOTIATE)


  • 500 m²of industrial surfaces in standards of security  and environment, and 250 m² of available surfaces for future extensions.
  • Methods of fabrication adapted to the series.
  • 2 chains of electrolytic deposits.
  • 3 independent chains automated for the chemical nickelage on steel, light and cuprous alloys.
  • A control room equiped with fluorescence X.
  • A computerized order preocessing of the customers.

The tie

  • Thread, frames and hooks.
  • Barrels.
  • Specific equipments.
  • Savings, varnishs, adhesive tapes, screw.
  • Specific equipments: studied by our service method.

The control

  • Control of the thicknesses: control of the thicknesses of the desposits by fluorescence X.
  • Control of the adhesion of the desposits by steaming.
  • Dimensional controls
  • Specific heat treatment of the desposits Traitement thermique spécifique des dépôts
  • Tests salt spray.